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Auditing / Refurbishing

Derived from in-house requirements as well as knowledge with our customer's needs gained over the years, we have developed Asset Management to provide you with all the information you need in line with our processing requirements.


Customer-specific adjustments to our Audit are also possible at any time. By scanning the serial numbers, all data can be entered into our systems without errors. We would be happy to enter your inventory number or cost centre data as well upon request.


We provide you with a detailed audit report per item of equipment per pick-up with all relevant data, such as:


This report is the basis of our financial account with you.


The audit process also represents a neutralisation of the equipment. In other words, all original labels are removed. This makes it impossible to trace the origin of the equipment.


Trust is important to us. As a customer, you can pop by any time to see for yourself the quality of our services and to make sure your interests are being taken care of.


Any hard disks which for some reason cannot be erased will be sent to the shredder. Upon request, we can send you a certificate of disposal for the item.



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