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Real-life stories


Case 1

For a new project, a bank installs IBM servers worth 3 million Swiss Francs. After 6 months, management decide to cancel the project. The supplier refuses to take back the servers. CBA buys these servers at their fair market value.


Case 2

A large quantity of brand new laptops is to be rolled out. During the test phase it is found that the chosen hard drive is not suitable. Thousands of disks need to be replaced quickly. CBA completes this task in the allotted time and buys the removed hard drives at their fair market value.


Case 3

Due to outsourcing, a computer centre is to be completely dismantled. CBA technicians complete this task to the customer's full satisfaction. CBA buys the reusable hardware at their fair market value.


Case 4

To extend the lifecycle of some installed equipment, an insurance company needs 300 notebooks of the same type that are no longer on the market. CBA searches for and finds the required number of notebooks for this customer at their fair market value.


Case 5

An SME company is reorganising its Microsoft licenses. As a result, a number of MS licenses are released. CBA buys these licenses at their fair market value.


Case 6

A Swiss institute has decided to change their storage supplier. They want to release the existing 12 TB capacity and where possible get a return on it. CBA buys all of the units at their fair market value.


Case 7

A retailer plans a rollout with 2,200 work stations. CBA technicians install the new equipment including monitors at over 50 locations and buy the old equipment at fair market prices.


Case 8

A retailer is looking for 100 units with identical specs to replace its faulty cash terminals and printers. CBA delivers these units under warranty at fair market prices.



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